I very sadly lost my two beautiful boys Charlie and Billy last year – both to cancer.
Until that time, I had had no idea how common cancer is in both dogs and cats. I really missed their presence in the house and everything felt too quiet without them, but it took me a while to be ready to adopt new feline companions!
Having had a friend’s cat to stay for a month at the end of last year whilst they sorted out a house move, I felt it was time to have the pitter patter of my own feline feet again – so just before Christmas I phoned Cats Protection to start the process of adoption. That included some info about me, as well as one of their representatives doing a home visit to ensure it was a suitable place for cats.
Then it was a case of seeing which cats needed rehoming, whether any fitted what I was looking for, and going to visit them at their foster home.
I adopted Merlin and Arthur just before New Year. They are energetic “mini cats” at 4 months old, and  obviously totally devoted to each other. I had had great advice from Cats Protection on how to settle them in one room for a few days, but they were having none of it! Within an hour of getting home, they had escaped their “safe room” and were exploring the whole house!
They investigated everywhere – the wardrobe, the fireplace, under all the beds, and even the inside of the empty bath!  Included in this list is the dishwasher …
The washing machine …
The (luckily) empty laundry basket!
And of course they had to check out the technology in the house
They coped very well from day 1 with a steady stream of visitors who popped in to meet them – and they were absolutely amazing with my friend’s two year old who followed them around constantly!
Within three weeks I let them out into the garden which was interesting as there was deep snow. I was pretty nervous for the first few days but they took it slowly – spending the first week only within the bounds of their own garden.
They now explore my neighbours gardens either side, and possibly beyond! They have met other cats – and are getting more confident (i.e. they no longer immediately run away!).
They have a favourite apple tree in the garden which they climb right up to the heights. They love lying across the back of the sofa and watching the world go by the lounge window, as well as accepting the admiring looks from the neighbours.
They squeeze into a single radiator bed to have a brotherly cuddle.
And thankfully, they love spending the night asleep on my bed!

Cats Protection were fantastic through the whole process, from initial contact, through to post adoption. At every step of the way I was offered advice, and help.  Having not had kittens for over 15 years it was really reassuring to know someone was always there at the end of the phone. The boys have settled in incredibly well and are totally integrated into my family. Thanks Cats Protection for everything!

If you are thinking of adding a cat to your family, please please please consider adopting a cat that is currently being cared for by one of the many charities – Cats Protection and RSPCA to name the two obvious ones.
Give a cat a second chance and adopt one today!

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  1. Katharine

    A lovely read Clare, enjoyed the pics too! Reminded me of Rhubarb and Custard the cats Ed and I had as kids. One day…need to live somewhere permanently first! Xx

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