Lunchtime strolling

I have the usual “New Year Head” on at the moment … which shouts things like “EAT LESS” … “EXERCISE MORE” … “DRINK LESS” … “EAT BETTER THINGS” at me on a fairly regular basis. I have taken some of that to heart and am making my own lunches at the moment. That way I don’t have to enter a supermarket at lunchtime when I am desperately hungry, resulting in a basket containing not only a sandwich or salad, but a dessert, a bag of crisps, a fizzy drink and sometimes even a bar of chocolate … I KNOW I could do without them, but sometimes my hunger head overrules logic! By bringing in my own lunch I take away the requirement for will power. Of which I have none.

Today, with the sun shining, I decided I’d try to listen to another shout from my “New Year Head” and get out of the office for a walk. Richmond is a wonderful place to work – about 5 mins up the road in a car is the Park of course, but about 10 mins walk from the office is the Thames. And that is my usual walking space.

Today was beautiful … the sky was blue with a bit of white cloudyness for contrast.

There were lots of people out walking, enjoying the break in the rainy weather. I was fascinated to see how much higher the water line was. All the boats that usually flounder were floating proud … ready to set off for a jaunt up the river.

There was lots of work going on along side the river, making boat repairs in preparation for better weather later in the year.

Other boats are still safely stored on land, covered up, awaiting the spring weather before making an appearance.

People were out in force, enjoying the sunny weather and taking a break from their usual lunchtime boredom.  Some were feeding the happy geese and gulls

Others were enjoying a quiet break from walking, and soaking up the wintery rays of sunshine.

This last shot shows how high the water is. Usually, this area has a slope that goes down about 5 feet to the water, for boats to “slip” into the Thames .. however at the moment the Thames is level with the walkway!

It was a lovely walk – having my camera with me means I’m more motivated to get out and explore … so grab your camera, and get outside. Whilst this blue sky lasts. Enjoy.


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