Syon House Enchanted Woodland

On Friday I went to the opening night of Syon House’s 2010 Enchanted Woodland walk. It was my first visit, although I believe it’s their 5th year of holding this event. I had been to something similar a few years ago at Sheffield Park Garden, so had an expectation of what it would be like.

For the most part, my expectations were met. The trees and bushes were lit with a variety of coloured lights, and at points along the route, these were set to change colours. There were a couple of places where I wished I had included a torch with by bag of camera goodies … but for the most part, the paths were easily followed. The trees looked stunning, and they’d definitely picked the most impressive trees to illuminate. There didn’t however seem to be a theme, or any kind of link as you progressed through the walk, so at times you went from glitter balls, to neons, to fairy lights!

I then turned the final corner, and saw the Conservatory which was beautifully lit in a colour changing sequence that went from white, to yellow, green, blue and finally to pink. It was a breath taking sight, and one that was well worth the visit. I would return just to watch the building being lit in those colours. The final section of the walk brings you through the conservatory and the most beautiful piece of music was playing – which I found out was called “Libera” by the choirboys (sorry, I mean boy band) Libera, and it was such a moving piece of music to accompany the amazing light display, I can still hear the piece of music now, days later.

I would recommend the walk if you are in the area. At £5 it’s a 45 minute walk around some lovely illuminated trees, finishing with some angelic music in an amazing glass building. Hopefully some of my photographs have persuaded you it’s worth a look-see.

I used my tripod the whole way round, and varied my aperture to see what effects that had on my images. My favourite images are ones with an “average” aperture setting of about f11, resulting in an exposure time of around 25 seconds.



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3 responses to “Syon House Enchanted Woodland

  1. I love the colors and illumination of the shots…beautiful work.

  2. You’ve made me want to go there, Clare. You’ve done a wonderful job of capturing the place!

  3. Great writeup Clare. Would love to see the thumbnails a bit larger, but apart from that it’s a great start!

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